Unit History


The Armory Guards formed in February 2007 from the merger of three well respected and known campaigner units, the 10th Texas, Georgia State Line and New Hope Guards. This merger was the official recognition of what had been happening unofficially for several years.


Prior to 2007, these three units found themselves falling in and working together at many events because we all shared a common goal and belief. That common goal and belief was that we wanted to portray the common Civil War soldier , regardless of side, as accurately as possible and at the same time educate ourselves and the public. 


So, at a meeting held at the Jarrel Plantation State Park in Georgia, we did something that is unique in the Civil War reenacting community. We created a new unit by merging and disbanding three old ones.  As a result the Armory Guards have a vast amount of experience, capability, and knowledge to call upon from it's membership


Group Philosophy


It is the philosophy and intention of the Armory Guards to accurately and respectfully portray the common American Civil War infantry soldier from the western theater, regardless of side, with particular attention given to the events within Georgia in 1864. Further, this organization exists to expedite growth in the study of the Civil War by continually educating the unit's members as well as the general public. Our members come from all over Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and the Southeast.


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